Bucket List

This Bucket List are the things I would love to achieve!
 Once I have achieved them I will cross them out!

Travel the world
To get a Canon EOS 600D
Visit Congo 
Watch all the Fast and Furious movies in 2 days
Go on Eiffel Tower
See Katy Perry
Get 1000 snaps on snap-chat
Meet my favourite YouTubers
Do well in my GCSE's
Get at least 100 followers on Blogger
Go to America
Get blog views from every continent
An iPhone 6 or 5s
Redesign my room
See One Direction
Watch all seasons Castle
Go to Disney Land
A follow from a verified account on Twitter
A follow from Bethany Mota on Twitter
Ride on a camel
Do well in my mocks
Get 10000 views on my blog
See Katy Perry
Photograph my friends
To give up gum for Lent
To get my pictures printed and put in a album
Get into the university I want
Get the subjects I want
Change of style up
Get Confirmed (Christianity)
Make up with those who have hurt me
Visit Empire State Building
Design my room cream + aqua
Own a fish
Hug Minnie Mouse at disney
Do well in my a-levels
Have a Nandos date with friends
Get 200 followers by end of year♡
Interact with more bloggers
Do a haul on blog
Meet Kim and Khloé Kardashian
Go ice-skating (lmao don't judge)
Get 100 posts on Blogger
Save up over £100 this year
Buy all my friends Christmas presents this year
Do well in mocks
Buy mum for mothers day a bouquet
Make home-made pizza, bread
Visit Portugal
Learn a few words in Persian by Bahare 
Get 1000 followers on Instagram (Personal Account)
Get 500 followers on Twitter 
Get a second ear pierce
Go to Playlist Live in Florida
Go Lego Land


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