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If you're a brand and you want to promote your product, then sending it to me for a review on Rebecca Maria Blog is a great idea. I am always happy to talk to companies about their products or giving reviews on their products as I think it is an excellent way for people to hear and read about them. You can trust that all my opinions will be 100% honest and my own. I believe honesty is the best policy and I would never pretend to like a product if I ddnt like it.  I will always say yes if you want me to try a particular product. 

I will mention in the blogpost if I have recieved any products and I mark all PR sent products with an asterix (*), like most other bloggers do.


 I haven't won that many awards but a few which I am really happy about! I would also like to thank those who have made it happened who have voted, nominated me for awards as I feel very blessed and grateful, so a huge thank you is in order to you guys! :)

I have been nominated four times now, and I feel so happy that people feel that I was one of the people they could have chosen to be nominated, so huge thanks is in order to you guys :)

Very Inspiring Blog Award

I was nominated for this award by Daniella from 'Real, Not Ideal'! The fact she chose me means a lot, that am inspiring in some way!

I have won 15 awards on View Bug; by professional, amateurs, all sorts of Photographers, from all over the world. I feel happy that they even had the time to check out my photos! Thank You.

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  1. Hi Rebecca! Sorry for the random comment but I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, and wasn't sure of the best place to post!! If you fancy it, the details are on my blog: :D


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