Sunday, 5 October 2014

What's on my phone?

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone doing well! My week has been can I say it 'eventful'! My laptop is broken and am literally heartbroken. Wont go in no detail on how that happened! My mum has brought it to repairs they said that everything will go that includes all my photography pics & all my pics gone!

In this post, I will be talking about the apps on my phone. I was inspired by YouTubers; Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) and Belinda Selene. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3, the apps I will be listing am sure are on other stores too such as if you have an iPhone. Am sure it will be on the Apple Store too. All the apps I have on my phone are free and of great quality believe me, I would have un-downloaded it if I thought it was bad!

So let us begin:
 Facebook- This app saves me time. Instead of searching it on the internet. I could just simply go on it and quickly check my notifications etc. I find it good, its got great features and is easy to read! 

 Twitter- I think this is great, it is simple. And its one of the first things. I download when I have a new phone!

 WhatsApp- I'm sure everyone has this app! Its great, you can send free messages to friends and family. Instead of wasting your text messages. 

 Snap Chat- I really like snapchat. I wasn't very keen on it from the beginning. But then my friends convinced me and I ended up downloading it. You basically take a photo, send it to someone and ten-seconds later it has disappeared forever. Although during the timing they can screenshot and then a notification will be sent to you yelling you someone has screenshoted your snap! && I LOVE THAT APP!

☁ Instagram- I'm sure you have heard about instagram. I love instagram, I wouldnt say am addicited but am always on it! It's a fun app. Its a photo/ video sharing app. Where your friends if you choose to keep it on private or you public if you dont want it to be on private can view your pictures and videos. It's easy to figure out and you have an option to edit the pictures too.

 Ask.FM- This app, is when people ask you questions. You can choose to put it on private or public.

☁ YouTube- As you may know, I love watching youtubers and instead of searching to watch it on the web. I can just go on the YouTube app. Its got great features and its accessible 


BeFunky- I use this app, to edit some of my pcitures and has great features like a wide vairety of effects. Its got a range of effects that you can use and this is the only editing app I have. It just shows how good this is, as I check on my friends phone and they have like 5 editing apps.

RetricaRetrica is great fun for taking pictures because you can change the colour the mode and you can have a timer before you take the picture you can also take pictures in a row so they have a little interval in between each picture.

Sqaure Ready- I love this app all my photos are in a white frames. Share to Instagram without cropping your photo. You can change the background color. Quick share to any social-networking apps such as Instagram. I just find that it looks really nice and make it look good.


 MailOnline- This is a online news app of the Daily Mail. It has all topics like showbiz, world news, tech etc. I like reading the articles as I find it very interesting!

 OK! Magazine- Who doesnt like a bit of gossip eh! So its a great way to keep up with the latest news.


☁ Temple Run 2 Temple Run 2 is very fun and keeps me occupied when I need it too. have had no problems so far with this game. It is much better than the first one. 
☁ 4 Pics One Word- Is a very good game. It helps you think very hard. It is basically four pictures, hat have 1 word in common. And they give you a selection of words which you have to type in. Great fun!

( I have all the other apps, that were on the phone when I brought it like. Maps, weather, Google Play, Camera, Video etc.)

Also my very good friend, Kinga has just started a new blog, it would be greaat if you checked her out! >Click Here< I know you'll love her as much as I do!
That's it, all the apps on my phone! 
What about you guys, whats you favourite app?
Have you heard about these apps?
Have you got any recommendations?
Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I love twitter and instagram, I'm addicted! :)

    1. Thanks soo much Bethany! Good yo hear from you again your one of my fav bloggers xo

  2. I am so addicted to YouTube it is probably not healthy, haha! But that is a must for me and definitely Twitter to stay connected with my fellow bloggers. Nice post!

    1. Haha! Emily, haha same I do love Youtubers! Yes true say and thank you so much :)

  3. Love your photography!!
    So clear and fresh looking :)

  4. Essentially all the same apps as myself. Hope your laptop gets fixed without trouble.

    1. Thank you so much Ellen, *fingers crossed* x

  5. Thats a pretty solid list of apps! I think one of my favourite apps would have to be Cocoppa. It allows you to completely revamp your phone icons and wallpapers. I can sometimes spend hours on it just making my phone look pretty :) But you know, a good old game of temple run never fails to keep me entertained! haha

    Frankly Frances

  6. Cool post, I have some of your apps on my phone too. thanks for the visit.


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