Monday, 19 May 2014

How I gather my blog ideas?

Hello Guys!
Hope you are all doing well! I am enjoying this British weather its been around the temperatures of 20 to 25°c, which in reports was suggesting that it was even hotter then Rome, Athens or Majorca! This is truly what I call summer! Enough about me informing you about British weather and more about why am actually writing this post!

I get many people asking me, how I actually come up with blog posts. I just don't know, how to explain it to that extent. So, you probably know where am heading now. In this blog post I will be explaining how I gather may blog idea and the process.

Firstly, I usually get my inspiration from:
  • Day to day things
  • Blogs/Tumblr
  • Youtubers & Entertainment world
  • Imagination 
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter...)
  • Family & Friends
  • Experiences
Secondly, I usually take pictures relating to that topic. If am just talking to you lovely lots, then I just randomly put an image that I really like. So as you see the pictures, I've taken below relate to this topic.

Thirdly, I have this new notebook below as you can see in the picture. Where I jot down all my ideas and I take it everywhere its always in my bag. Even when am at school! So in school we were in English and saw a display of  a girl who wrote all her Favorite Youtubers and found that very interesting so I jot that down. Then afterwards, I transfer it to blogger then I develop my ideas.

See easy-peasy :)

Finally, I always try and get my post ready by Friday and Monday as I usually publish my posts on a Saturday and Tuesdays. I always check spelling to see I haven't made any errors and I correct them and proofread, then PUBLISH! 

Hope that answered some peoples questions!
Have an amazing week everyone! 
Hows the weather, where you are?
Do you plan your post in a similar way?


  1. I like your organized way of preparing your blog. It is easier when we plan ahead and schedule them in advance.

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing your thought process! I don't make my posts with the same flow though. I post whenever an interesting event has come up or when I have time to shoot anything.

  3. It's really faster to write your blog when you have an outline of all of your ideas.

  4. Everyone has his/her own inspiration to blogging. I love your way.

  5. Thanks for the tips and ideas Rebecca! I don't carry a notebook but I usually type something away in Evernote if an idea comes to mind. I'm connected all the time anyways so I just grab my phone and use the app.

    - Karen

  6. It's also efficient to schedule your posts. You can manage it better that way.

  7. It's really quite a challenge sometimes to find topics because of writer's block. I also get inspiration from all those things you mentioned above.

  8. What a great advice! I usually make my posts last-minute and then I have to postpone a day as the time isn't good anymore to publish :p Great tips on finding inspiration :) pinterest is very handy too

  9. yes tumblr is definitely an inspiration! for anything and everything


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