Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Windsor Castle #1

Hi Everyone! This is my first post since Spring Break! I hope everyone's doing well. I have been nominated two times in one day for 'Very Inspiriting Blog Award', feel so blessed and happy that people have even considered me. So last Saturday I went to Windsor Castle & Lego-Land Resort. But I decided to separate the posts as I have many pictures I want to share with you guys but don't want to put too much pictures, so it isn't too overwhelming! So as you can tell from the title I wrote 'Windsor Castle #1' so this is just the first part, and I will post the next part in the next post. Then am thinking to do my favorite food, so that its a break from Photography, so that we can interact a bit then do the Lego-Land post! 

So back to why, am actually writing this post! As I said I went to Windsor, to visit Windsor Castle. I live in London, so it was approximately 45 minutes away. If some of you guys don't know about Windsor Castle. I'll tell you;Windsor Castle is an official residence of The Queen and the largest occupied castle in the world. The Queen uses the Castle both as a private home, where she usually spends the weekend, and as a Royal residence at which she undertakes certain formal duties. You can also visit Windsor Castle, I have visited it twice now I don't mean just from the outside I mean inside the Castle. I didnt go this time as I was going to Lego-Land Resort. But did take some pictures of the Castle! There was such a huge atmosphere;  loads of other people visiting queuing up and people taking photo's and the best thing was it wasn't raining but rather a lovely day. You should visit it if you haven't its amazing!

Winsor Castle #1
Tour Bus!
Windsor, Windsor..!
Big Solider! 
Close Ups
Cab & Its Pink!
Whats The Time?
A long queue!
 Have you ever visited a Castle?
Which one is your favourite picture?


  1. Great photos! I really like the one with the crowds, very nice. I'd love a chance to see Windsor Castle!

    http://rainydaycupcake93.blogspot.ie/ x

    1. Thank You! Means a lot, and it is really good the atmosphere is just amazing!

  2. Congrats for being nominated for a blog award. I am glad you give a little background about that castle. The pictures pretty much explain of its grandeur.

    1. Thanks! Yeah glad you like that always like to give a short background for anyone who hasn't been or havent heard of it.

  3. HEY I have tagged you in a new tag :)

    please for more info check out http://myroutinesjade.blogspot.co.uk/

    can't wait to see your tag

    ps. I love your blog :)

  4. Yes, this castle is truly amazing and it's really a nice experience that you've been there yourself. Nice pics!

    1. I know right! Its great I guess, even though I've been their loads of times but never gets old in my eyes! Thanks!

  5. Looks like a cool castle to visit! My fave photo is 'crowds', great composition there.

  6. Your photos made us feel we where in the windsor castle. The castle is really scenic and majestic.

  7. One of my dream destinations!! Wish I could visit too one day soon. :) love all the photos

  8. Unfortunately I have not been to a lot of places and I have not visited a castle huhu poor me. I'll add this in my bucket list. :)

  9. Nice place! I wish I could visit this one day too! Great photos :)

  10. Wow thats cool! I have never seen a castle before! :)


  11. Lovely post dear!
    You have an amazing blog:)
    I just followed you,maybe you can follow me back?


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