Monday, 31 March 2014

Newborn PhotoShoot

Helloo! Everyone as I promised a few weeks ago, that I would be doing my first New Born Photo Shoot. I had the opportunity to this when my auntie came over for a weekend in January >CLICK HERE< from Wales. It wasn't really a New Born but my little cousin is one years old, but lets just class this as an exception ;)

I was really excited yet nervous, I know you'll be thinking 'Why would she its her cousin?' but to be honest I was more nervous on how the images would turn out, but that was all for nothing but really happy with the results as this is my first one. Like I said on my first >BIRTHDAY SHOOT< that imagine this full time :)

Any Photographers who photograph new borns, do comment and give me some advise as this is my first and could do with some advise on how I could improve my photos. Sorry about my old watermark because i am no more Passion Photography but then i would have to restart everything!

I would really be saddened if these photo's were to end up in the internet as these photo's are really personal and these people aren't any people but my family, so do listen to my request if you would like to use it for any reason just email me: ><

Enjoy Your Week!

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