Monday, 3 February 2014

New Name!


So, you have probably noticed that I changed the name and link to Rebecca Maria Photography. I don't think I explained well on Thursday but am going to take the time to write why I thought it was the right thing! 

I personally thought that this blog deserved its own identity, as Passion Photography if search it on Google their will be many link, blogs. And I wanted something that someone can remember and something catchy! Also, because I wanted something new I got a bit bored of Passion Photography and wanted to be more involved in some way. So, then I had a long think, what would be the best name 'Rebecca' as its my name, 'Maria' as its my confirmation name so together its 'Rebecca Maria Photography. So I guess you see what I mean! 

I can promise you more fun posts like the last one, I quite enjoyed it myself :)

Models: Tracy & Beverly - Smile


  1. Rebecca! I've nominated you for the liebster award! For more info check out my blog :)


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