Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Half Term....

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Heey Guys! In the United Kingdom its half term, a week holiday!

Which is amazing, so I have a few things planned that am going to do this week; so that includes more time on Photography, blogging, meeting up with friends, shopping and much more! 

I had dinner in Nandos on Saturday with my family which was amazing ... can I just say whoever created Nandos is an absolute Legend!

Here are someother pictures took awhile ago back in 
January so I went to TGI Fridays in Wembley, I had a nice banana smoothie and took some pictures and decided inspiration was
goingto be behind drinks 
something i haven't done before
 and i was really happy on how 
everything had turned out!

Also I have amazing pictures that are just waiting to be edited =D           

Besides that I hope everyone else is having a fabulous week  :)


  1. Yay for having a week off! I'm off this week too, it's fantastic. Great photos. Enjoy your holidays!

    1. Haha! I know right, make the most of it because it goes really fast! Thanks & You Too :)x

  2. Everytime I see delicious food on blogs, I get hungry ;) Hope you're enjoying your holidays so far :)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc/bloglovin/other), just let me know. xx


    1. Samee! I am enjoying it so far, hope you are too & Thanks for visiting :)x

  3. I too just finished mocks! Have a great time and lots of photographs :)
    Karen x

    1. Well, thank you Karen! & Hope you did well :) x

  4. Hope you're having a great time! It's always so nice to relax a bit after working really hard.

    -Riley XO

  5. Same here! Enjoy your mid term break :)

    Megan XX


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