Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hello Guys! Its such a gloomy day, so to cheer everyone here's an easy peasy DIY. This is my first post on DIY, so a bit nervous on how its going to turn out whether am giving you guys enough information or maybe to much so yeah. So, yesterday I changed a few things around my room and decided to do a bit of handmade decoration (Deco) which was cutting out paper into making it into a 'I ❤ U'! Its easy it will take up to 10-15min max unless your doing a  gigantic one ;) 

                                                   To Create This:

Heres The Master Piece :)

You'll Need:
Pen / Pencil
Glue Stick
Lined or Plain Paper 
1. Get paper lined or plain
2. Draw the letters & symbol with a pen or pencil = I ❤ U
3. Cut around it and turn it round just in case there's any pencil or pen marks

4. Get a magazine, any pictures preferably magazine as there are loads of pictures of celebs on there
5. Stick the pictures on with glue
6. Finally use sticky tape preferably transparent so it blends in with your wallpaper, in your allocated place.

I hope you liked this, I really enjoyed it and how it came together email me! Do let me know if you tried it or if you like the idea and if you would want me to do future posts on DIY! ;)
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  2. Great blog & I will have to try that out look great!

  3. wow,love this idea.I wanna have a try
    and if I do it ,can I send some pictures to u and give me some suggestions?
    have a nice day and keep in touch
    waiting for your next post
    of course you can be a photographer !!!

    1. Well, Thank You! Kind of lost for words, sure you can send me pictures via You too, I'll make sure its a great post. Thanks again

  4. Aw this is a really cute idea! It would be such a great present for Valentines Day, or for anything really!
    Really great blog! Thanks for following me, I'm definitely following back! (:

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

    1. Thanks Kendra! Happy you liked it, and your welcome, found your blog intriguing! :)


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