Saturday, 28 December 2013


I hope everyone had a very magical and peaceful Christmas. And ate a lot I know I did, I ate all I could. Christmas is a time that it doesn't really matter how much you eat!
I have some amazing pictures, I can promise you that and I have noticed myself and others have noticed how my photography has progressed which really makes me smile, I've got you guys to thanks for thay as your encourement, I had someone comment on the post before saying how "Your so good it makes me jealous." That made me so happy couldn't stop smiling, it got at the point everyone asking if I was okay. Haha!
I also want to wish a very good friend of mine a great and happy fourteenth and thats to Fola, a great person who has kept me on track and determined to follow my dreams! So a shout out to her! ♥


  1. Please do not stop taking photos. Take classes whenever and wherever you can, join those groups that meet up and snap pics at a local park or event or the beach, etc., take pics at events, family gatherings, etc.
    Study up on skill and techniques too.
    I believe when I am an "old cat lady" I will have an original photo taken by you hanging in my nursing home room! lolz
    I am not that old. lolz.
    I have always enjoyed photography and kick myself for not taking it serious by educating myself on all of the above mentioned things.
    I snap pics via my Iphone, but I need to get a decent camera and get serious again.
    A few of my pics were complimented and that made my entire world so much brighter. I understand what you post because I was there in your shoes a few times.
    I am jealous, you are so young, and obviously have a great eye, you can learn so much, and experience so many things from a fresh, un-jaded, perspective. its awesome!

    1. Oh My God! This really means a lot :) Awwh! Thanks so much, I will take on your advise, it means so much xx


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