Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Passion Photography's 1st Anniversary ;)

Todays Passion Photography's 1st Anniversary !  

 I don't know to begin, I thank all people who liked and supported my page on Facebook and Blogger !!

I only started in last January and look how many people have viewed or liked my page. I ...
thank everyone of you I would not be here if it weren't for you guys :) I look forward to another success year like last year ;)

Thanks again for your support I'm over the moon :D

-Passion Photography/Rebecca ♥
-All Photo's Taken By Me As Always


  1. hallo!!! and happy anniversary!!!
    thanks for the comment on my blog,
    we can follow each other, if you like the idea!!
    let me know!!!
    have a nice day


    1. Helloo Mavi! Thanks, For Checking Out My Blog :) That's a Deal ;)

  2. Happy ist. Amazing photos from you and keep it up. Thank you so much for the sweet thoughts and visit in my blog. Keep in touch, maybe you can teach me a thing about photography.


    1. Thank You Sam! You do have an amazing style of fashion ;) Yeah I'd love too! Thanks again ;)


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